Is SuiteFiles Certified by Inland Revenue to Store Tax Records Offshore?

A large number of SuiteFiles users are accounting firms who keep tax information for their clients. Inland Revenue in New Zealand has a number of requirements about the storage of electronic tax records including their location. With the advent of cloud services these records are now being kept in data centres around the world. Inland Revenue have approved a number of third party providers to store such records off shore. You can see the list of providers here.

You can see that SuiteFiles is not on that list even though your electronic documents accessed via it. We have applied to become an approved third party provider but were declined. It's important to understand why this happened. Your files are not actually stored by us. All of your files are in the Microsoft Office 365 data centres. If you stop being a SuiteFiles customer we don't have any files to give back to you, your Office 365 account with Microsoft still carries on and your files are still there. As such Inland Revenue don't list us an approved storage provider because we aren't storing anything.

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