Saving emails on Send

To save an email when you send it you need to make sure you have the setting enabled:

  1. Click the little gear icon at the bottom of the SuiteFiles add-on
  2. Tick the "Prompt me to save on send" box
  3. Select which parent folder you would like to be saving into (Clients or Home)

  4. Create a new email to send
  5. Click Send
  6. From the Drop-Down list select which folder you wish to save the email into (You can type a name to filter to a folder)
  7. Give the file a different name if you wish
  8. You can also choose to select "Don't prompt me to save on send" if you wish to disable the feature
  9. Select "Send and File It!"

Note: The email saved into SuiteFiles is currently saved in a draft format and while it represents the content of the email sent it isn't the email from the sent mailbox. This is something we're working on improving. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback please contact our support team at

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