Viewing and printing invoices

When your monthly SuiteFiles subscription is charged to your credit card an invoice is created and stored in our management portal. 

Please note: Only SuiteFiles administrators have the ability to view and print invoices.
  1. Log in to the SuiteFiles Management Portal ( using your SuiteFiles URL and Office 365 username and password. If you're using two factor auth or a single sign on solution, use the Advanced Login option.
  2. Click the View Invoices tab to view a list of all invoices
  3. To view an invoice in detail, or to print a copy, click the link to the invoice in the Invoice # column
  4. Click the Print Version button on the next screen to print the invoice. If you have the SuiteFiles Chrome extension installed, you can use SuitePrint to save a copy of the invoice to your SuiteFiles site.
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