Folder Templates

In SuiteFiles you can create a folder template. A folder template is a folder structure that can be applied to new folders when they are created. This ensures that a consistent subfolder structure is applied to new folders your create.

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Creating a Folder Template

To create a new folder template:

  • Create the folder structure that you wish to replicate somewhere in SuiteFiles, 
  • Click the Edit link and then the Template button, 
  • Enter a name for the template, provide a description (optional) and then click Create ad close 

Your folder template is now created.

Creating a New Folder Using a Folder Template

To create a new folder and apply the folder structure from a folder template you do the following:

  • Navigate to the location where you wish to create the new folder,
  • Click the Create folder icon, 
  • Give the new folder a name and choose the folder template desired from the drop down list, 
  • Click the Create and close link 

This creates a new folder for you and applies the folder template to it.

Things to note about folder templates

  • You can have any number of subfolders in a folder template and these can also have subfolders in them.
  • If you want to have standard files in a folder template you can, just ensure they are in the folder structure that you copy when creating the template.
  • Folder templates cannot be edited. To make a change to a folder template create a new folder using the template, edit the subfolder structure and create a new template from this.
  • In the template gallery you can delete unwanted folder templates.

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