SuiteFiles Apps login workaround

If SuiteFiles Outlook or the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension won't log in there is a work around. This is a temporary measure and not the recommended log in process. We will disable it at some point.

Here's what you need to do:

In The Web Browser

  • Go to
  • Click the Generate a Token option 
  • Enter your SuiteFiles site URL and click the Login to SuiteFiles button
  • If you're not already logged in to your Office 365 account in the browser you'll be asked to do so. Use the Office 365 credentials you will use for accessing SuiteFiles - click the Sign in butrton
  • Click the Trust It button 
  • At this point your user will be authorised and a token generated. This token is shown in the browser URL - select and copy it. Please note - this token is unique for each user and should only be used once. Don't give it to anyone else (which is why it has been scrubbed out in the screen shots) 

In SuiteFiles Outlook

  • In SuiteFiles Outlook click the Login to SuiteFiles button
  • Paste the token into the text box displayed and click the Login to SuiteFiles button You will then be logged into your SuiteFiles account through SuiteFiles Outlook.In SuiteFiles Outlook click the Login to SuiteFiles Button 

In SuiteFiles Chrome Extension

  • When in the Chrome Extension login window,

  • Paste the token into the API Token field and click login.

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