Suite Link - Creating a file shortcut

If you ever need to be able to access one file from multiple locations you can either have a copy of the file in both folders (meaning you don't have one source of truth for the file) or you can keep one version of the file in one place and create a link to the file from other locations. These "SuiteFiles links" look like a file within the file system and simply link to the actual document.

To create a link to a file you need to:

  • Open the original file that you want to link to in the browser
  • Copy the URL for the file from the browser 
  • Go to the folder where you wish to create the link
  • Click the Create a file link to create a new document
  • Enter a name for the file and choose the Suite link option 
  • Paste the URL for the file you're linking to in the text box and click Create Link 
  • This creates a "suitefileslink" file and then opens the linked file for you
  • The "suitefileslink" file looks like this and when you click the file you have linked to will be opened for you 

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