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How to create a template with fields from Xero 

When you have connected SuiteFiles to the Xero Practice Manager you can use information from the Practice Manager to pre-populate details in both document and email templates within SuiteFiles. A full list of all the data fields that can be extracted from the Practice Manager is found  here.

There are a few ways that you can set up a document template. The recommended approach is found  here.

Once the document template is created go to the Template Gallery and edit it (refer to these  instructions if necessary). You can then start to insert the required Practice Manager data fields into the document template from the list available. You need to use the exact syntax provided in the list.

Your template will then start to look something like this.

When you create a new document from the template the data fields will populate with data from the Practice Manager (assuming there is actually data in the Practice Manager for the fields).

NOTE: Only documents of the latest Office file type work with pre-population of data. That is .DOCX for Word and .XLSX for Excel files. .DOC and .XLS files will NOT pre-populate.

Using the templates to generate documents

After creating a document template with data fields that pre-populate with Xero Practice Manager data you can create new documents based on these templates.

To create a new document based on this template you need to:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you wish to have the new file saved,
  2. Click the Create a file link, 
  3. Click the icon to list all templates,
  4. The Client text box will appear, if the client folder is linked to a client record in the Practice Manager the name of the client will automatically appear. If there's no client name then start typing into the text box and the name should autocomplete for you. If it doesn't appear in the list that appears then click the Refresh option in the list (this refreshes all Practice Manager data cached in SuiteFiles) then type the client name into the text box again,
  5. Enter a Name for the document,
  6. Click on the template you wish to use as the basis of the new document,
  7. The system then generates the new document,
  8. It will then open for you with the data directly from the Practice Manager. 
  • Documents from templates can only be created from within the SuiteFiles web interface.
  • The data pre-populated into the new document is only as good as the data in the Xero Practice Manager
  • If there's no data in the corresponding Xero Practice Manager field nothing will populate in the new document.
  • Only one document at a time can be created.

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