Administrator Rights

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Administrator rights

Administrators in SuiteFiles have certain rights that standard users do not. These are:

  • The ability to create security groups and add users to them,
  • Apply security groups to folder so permissions to view them are restricted,
  • Delete folders and files,
  • Create folders under at the top level of SuiteFiles immediately under the Home folder,
  • Create and edit document templates
  • Access all folders in SuiteFiles no matter the security permissions that are applied to them.
  • Access to the template gallery

Setting a user as an administrator

To make a user an administrator and existing administrator needs to:

  • Click on the Groups icon in the primary navigation,
  • Select the Owners group (in some cases it may be called Team Site Owners),
  • Type the name of the new administrator to add into the text box and select their name, and
  • Close the form.

The user is now an administrator.

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