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Admin Feature

Creating a file template

  1. Click the '+' icon to the right of the file name then the Template icon.
  2. This copies the original file and moves it to a template gallery. Only administrators can access the template gallery.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a file into the template gallery.

Creating a document from a template

Just like when creating a new document, go to the folder you want to save it in a click Create a file. Now choose the “template tab” and the template you’d like to create the document from.

If you use an integrated CRM product you may choose to enter a client name and have data pre-populate your document template.

Admin Feature

Editing a file template

  1. Go into the Template Gallery,
  2. Click on the Plus icon to the right of the file, 
  3. Clic on the Edit icon, 
  4. This open the file for you to edit and then use for creating new files from.

In the template gallery, you can also preview, rename, download and delete templates.

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