How to archive your files and folders

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What is archiving in SuiteFiles?

SuiteFiles has the ability to archive folders and files. Archiving does not delete or removed any items from your SuiteFiles site. A folder or file that has been archived is simply hidden from the standard views in SuiteFiles. Archiving is really designed to "tidy" up your views of folders and files. A good example is when a project finished or a you stop working for a client you may wish to hide any content related to that and not display it in the standard views. Archiving the content hides it. All archived content is searchable.

Archive settings

Each user has a settings page in SuiteFiles and this page has an option to show or suppress all archived content for the site. These are settings specific for each user so one person changing the setting to view archived content does not mean everyone else will also see the archived content as a result.

To access these settings click on your user name at the top right of the screen and then the My Settings menu item. 

This open the My settings form. To view archived content tick the Show archived content checkbox. To hide archived content make sure the checkbox is unticked.

Click the X (top right) to close the form once your setting is configured.

Archiving files

Archiving a single file

To archive a single file click the + file actions button to the right of the file for archiving then the Archive button. When done the file will be tagged as archived.

Refreshing the view of the folder will then hide any archived files files.

Archiving multiple files

If you need to archive more than one file in a folder at one time this can be done using the multi-select options. Tick the check boxes to the left of the file names and click the Archive button. 

 As with archiving a single file, these files are immediately tagged as archived. 

And refreshing the folder view now hides the archived files. 

Viewing archived files

To view archived files simply change your settings and tick the box to Show archived content. Every folder that has archived content within it will now display that content.

Unarchiving files

To unarchive files follow the same process as archiving them (either single files or multiple files) and click the Unarchive button.

Archiving folders

Archiving a folder will hide the folder and everything within it (sub folders and files) from the standard views. You can only archive one folder at a time.

To archive a folder navigate to the folder in question 

Open the folder and click the Edit button, then click Archive

The folder and it's content is now hidden. 

Viewing archived folders

To view archived folders simply change your settings and tick the box to  Show archived content. Every archived folder will now be displayed.

Unarchiving folders

To unarchive folders follow the same process as archiving them and click the  Unarchive button.

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