Deploying SuiteFiles

Here's how partners can deploy SuiteFiles for their customers

Delegated Admin

The first step in the deployment process is to provide us (SuiteFiles) with delegated administration access to the Office 365 tenant that SuiteFiles is being deployed to. This is done by:

  • Copy this URL into a browser that is NOT currently logged in to any Office 365 account -,
  • Logging in to the Office 365 account with admin credentials, and
  • Checking the box agreeing to provide delegated admin access.

Once done Microsoft will send an automated email to the global administrator of the Office 365 account and SuiteFiles saying it has been set up.

Configure the SharePoint Admin Centre

Go to the SharePoint Admin Centre for the Office 365 account. This is found at Then do the following:

  • Select the site collection being deployed to,
  • Click the Owners button then the Add Support Partner option,
  • From the drop down list select Foreign Principal for 'Suite' in Role TenantAdmins (Suite) and then click the Save button, 
  • Add the primary user for your customer as a site collection administrator in the tenant by selecting the site collection, clicking the Owners button and then the Manage Administraors option,  
  • Add the user account to the Site Collection Administrators section and click the OK button,

Check Sharing

To deploy SuiteFiles properly the site collection you are deploying to needs to have external sharing turned on. This is normally done by default for the root site collection however, sometimes for new sub site collections it is not. To enable external sharing:

  • Select the site collection in questions and click the Sharing button, 
  • Ensure that either Allow external users who accept sharing invitations and sign in as authenticated users or Allow sharing with all external users, and by anonymous access links is selected, 
  • Click the Save button.

If you don't want to keep external sharing turned on after deploying SuiteFiles you should be able to disable it once done.

Set the DenyAddAndCustomizePages Attribute

NOTE: this step is only required because of an issue with Microsoft's delegated admin permissions in SharePoint Online. As of 28 March 2017 this issue has been resolved and the step is not required. It's been left here in case the issue occurs again.

This attribute is normally set by the SuiteFiles deployment process but a permissions issue currently exists that means it must be set manually before running the deployer.

  • Download and install SharePoint Online Management Shell:,
  • Open SharePoint Online Management Shell in administrator mode,
  • Enter the following command: Connect-SPOService -URL,
  • Input local global administrator credentials for the Office 365 account being deployed to (delegated admin credentials currently cannot be used to do this),
  • Run the following command: Set-SPOSite -Identity -DenyAddAndCustomizePages $false

NOTE: domain is the Office 365 tenant domain.

Configure the SharePoint Site

There are a couple of specific configuration settings required in the actual SharePoint site.

Set up the document library
  • Go to,
  • Find the Documents document library - if it's not already being used then this will become the SuiteFiles library,
  • Click on the library settings and then the List name, description and navigation option,
  • Change the library name to Shared Documents and description to SuiteFiles Library then click the Save button.
Set up correct regional settings
  • Go into the SharePoint site's Site Settings area (you can use this URL -,
  • Under Site Administrationchoose Regional Settings,
  • Set the appropriate Time zone and Locale settings then click the OK button.

Deploy SuiteFiles

Now go to the SuiteFiles partner portal and deploy SuiteFiles.

  • Go to and log in using your Microsoft Id,
  • Select SuiteFiles and Deploy a Site
  • Enter you site collection URL (ensure there are no spaces around the text string and no / at the end of the URL) then click the Deploy SuiteFiles button, 

Set Up a SuiteFiles Admin

Open your SuiteFiles site as an Office 365 administrator and set up any SuiteFiles administrators by doing the following:

  • Click the Groups button,
  • Select the Owners group (sometimes it may be called Team Site Owners),
  • Enter the name of the administrator into the text box and click on the name that resolves in the drop down. If the user's name doesn't resolve enter the Office 365 user name and press ENTER, the user should resolve. 

Deploying to a Sub Site Collection

Sometimes you may wish to deploy SuiteFiles to a sub site collection in SharePoint Online. To do this follow the process outlined above but ensure that sharing is enabled for the site. This is done by:

  • Going to the SharePoint Admin Centre (https;//,
  • Select the site collection,
  • Click the Sharing button,
  • Select the sharing option highlighted, 
  • Click the Save button.

After deploying SuiteFiles sharing can then be disabled if required.

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