Troubleshooting SuiteDrive

Our Awesome SuiteDrive app is brand new and so there may be a few hiccups with it for a few people, the common issues we see are:

SuiteFilesExplorerPackager has stopped working:

This error will occur if you have an outdated version of Microsofts .NET framework installed.

To ensure you have the latest version of .NET framework installed you can download this here -  .NET framework 4.6.2 and run the installer once downloaded. It will require you to restart your PC but once installed SuiteDrive will be up and running.

SuiteDrive keeps jumping back to the login screen:

If you enter your credentials, hit the login button and it just jumps straight back to the login screen this means your details are incorrect. If you have any non standard keyboard special characters or any non-english characters then your password will not work in SuiteDrive.

Not showing up in the file explorer or getting 'Network location is unavailable' message:

The resolution to both of these issues is to simply restart SuiteDrive which can done by:

  • Clicking on the hidden icons in the right of the taskbar (near the time, network and sound)
  • Right-clicking the SuiteFiles icon
  • Clicking exit

  • Once the app has exited you will then need to start it again by double-clicking the SuiteFiles icon on your desktop

Disconnecting or needing to be remapped often

If you're having performance issues or general issues with SuiteFiles Drive you can check the WebClient service and ensure this is set to automatic. This will improve the apps reliability.

To do this:

  • Using Windows search in the bottom left of the computer screen, search for 'services'

  • Open the Services app and look for a service named 'WebClient'

  • Right-Click on the 'WebClient' service and select properties

  • using the drop-down list select 'automatic'

  • Click the OK button to save this setting

Only one instance can run at a time:

If you receive the following message:

This can be due to two things, either you're on a standalone computer and have already got the app open, or you're on a terminal / Desktop hosted server and only one user can run the app at a time.

How to uninstall SuiteFiles Drive:

If you need to uninstall SuiteFiles Drive, you will need to do the following:

  • Exit the app

  • Delete this folder - C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\SuiteFiles

  • Delete this folder - C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Local\SuiteFilesExplorerPackage

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