SuiteFiles Drive FAQs

This article covers some frequently asked questions about the SuiteFiles Drive.

Will it work on Windows 7?

SuiteFiles Drive can work on Windows 7, we just don't support or recommend using the app on it as it can be unreliable and take a few more steps to get working. If you'd like to install SuiteFiles Drive on a Windows 7 computer you will first need to install the  .net framework 4.6.2 which is required for our app to run.

Will there be an app for Macbooks

We would love to create a SuiteFiles Drive app which would work on Macbooks. Currently there are technical challenges that haven't made this possible however we will continue to look into having one in the future.

Does it sync?

SuiteFiles Drive doesn't sync. It connects with your SharePoint site and retrieves files as you need them. This means it might not be as fast as apps like Dropbox however it also means nothing is stored locally on your machine.

Does it use storage on my computer?

No, SuiteFiles Drive only retrieves items from SharePoint as they're needed. While it may cache files temporarily to speed things up, no data is permanently stored on your machine.

Can I use it to upload / migrate my data into SharePoint?

We wouldn't recommend using SuiteFiles Drive to upload a large amount of data at a time. It's not going to be fast enough and may time-out, particularly if your network connection isn't great. Using the SuiteFiles Web App is a much better option for uploading more than a few files at a time.

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