4: Discover SuiteFiles apps

SuiteFiles Web is our main app, however, we also have a number of other apps and add-ons to make working with your files a breeze. Whether you need to quickly check a file on your phone, or you want to save emails and attachments into SuiteFiles, we have you covered. 

Our apps and add-ons include:

SuiteFiles for Outlook:

The SuiteFiles Outlook add-on makes it easy to access your file system from your inbox. Use it to save emails and attachments into SuiteFiles, attach files to new emails, save emails when you send them, plus create and use email templates. 

Once you download and install the add-on, SuiteFiles will appear as a new panel inside Outlook.

Saving emails and attachments:

  • Drag/drop any email into the relevant folder through the SuiteFiles Outlook add-in. 
  • If the email has attachments, they will be saved together. 
  • You can also drag/drop email attachments by themselves into a folder. 
  • A window will appear in SuiteFiles to show you the upload progress of each email/file.

Step-by-step instructions

Saving on send:

  • Ensure the 'save on send' prompt is set up in Settings inside SuiteFiles Outlook. 
  • Whenever you send an email, SuiteFiles will prompt you to either send and save the email into a client folder, or to send the email without saving it. 
  • Before you select 'Send and File It!' you simply need to,
  • Use the dropdown lists to select the relevant folder and subfolders,
  • Then click the 'Send and File It!' button to send the email and have it saved in your selected folder in SuiteFiles

Step-by-step instructions

SuiteFiles Drive:

SuiteFiles Drive is a companion app which allows you to work with your files through the Windows File Explorer. SuiteFiles appears as a folder on your desktop, allowing you to open, edit and save files, all from the cloud.

Alongside usual File Explorer functions, SuiteFiles also let's you:

Share a file:

  • Right-click a file and select the share option,
  • choose an internal user from the window and,
  • click on the share button.

Step-by-step instructions

Create files from templates:

  • While in a folder, right-click the blank space in the File Explorer,
  • select the 'Create with template' option. 
  • Select the file template you want to use,
  • Provide a name for your file and,
  • click on the 'Create file' button

Step-by-step instructions

SuiteFiles search:

  • You can access Suite search at any time on your computer by using the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + SHIFT + S. 
  • Press these keys at the same time.

Step-by-step instructions

Chrome Extension:

The SuiteFiles Chrome extension allows us to provide additional functionality when working in a Chrome browser. After installing it through Chrome, it:

  • Cleans up some of the SuiteFiles web interface due to using Office Web apps inside SuiteFiles
  • Provides additional functionality in Xero Practice Manager / WorkflowMax
  • Provides an integration with Gmail, Inbox and Outlook Online

Creating a client (XPM, Xero HQ):

  • you will receive a prompt asking if you'd like the client created in SuiteFiles. 
  • You have the option to use a folder template from the drop-down.
  • Then click 'create' and the clients folder will be created in your SuiteFiles site.

Step-by-step instructions

Creating a Job/ Quote (XPM):

  • Create a new job or quote for a client in XPM,
  • you will get a prompt to have a folder created for this job or quote in SuiteFiles.
  • From the prompt to can select a folder template from the drop-down or leave it to create the one folder.
  • Click 'create' and a job/ quote folder will be created under the clients folder in SuiteFiles.

Step-by-step instructions

Exporting Workpapers (Workpapers):

  • In Xero Workpapers when clicking the drop-down button 'Export Workpapers', 
  • you will have the option for the workpapers to be exported to SuiteFiles as a PDF or a ZIP file.
  • Select PDF or ZIP,
  • navigate in the location chooser window that pops-up to the folder you wish to export to,
  • click the 'Select Folder' button.

Step-by-step instructions

Exporting reports (XPM, Xero):

  • You can export reports from XPM or Blue Xero by going into the report,
  • then clicking the 'Export Pdf to SuiteFiles' button.
  • A location chooser will pop-up,
  • navigate this to your desired folder and,
  • click the 'Select Folder' button.

Step-by-step instructions

Exporting Tax returns (Xero Tax):

  • You can export Tax Returns by clicking the Print button,
  • then clicking the 'Export PDF to SuiteFiles' button.
  • A location chooser will pop-up,
  • navigate this to your desired folder and,
  • click the 'export button'.

Step-by-step instructions

Android App:

With this app, you can gain quick access to your file system in SuiteFiles from your Android device.


  • To navigate between the Recents and Favourites tabs,
  • simply swipe side to side
  • or use the search icon in the top right to find files quickly.

Step-by-step instructions

Opening files:

  • Tap on the file name then the blue circle at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select 'Open with...' 
  • and choose the appropriate third-party app (e.g. Office Word) to read the file. 
  • You can preview pdfs within the Android app.

Step-by-step instructions

Uploading photos:

  • When on one of the main tabs in the app (Recents or Favourites), 
  • tap the blue circle at the bottom of the screen to see an option to upload a photo. 
  • You can upload a photo from your phone's camera or photo gallery. 

Step-by-step instructions

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