Resetting the search cache

In SuiteFiles we use a search cache in the browser to quickly return information, predominantly about client folders. This is used in the client quick search feature

Plus it also is used to pre-populate the folder lists that occur in the scanned Uploads interface

The cache should update by itself regularly but occasionally it may get corrupted and need rebuilding. If it isn't quite up to date you'll see:

  • The client your searching for won't appear in the quick search results, and
  • The drop down lists of folder will have blank spaces and look like folders are missing.

If you are experiencing any issues with search like files or folders not being displayed in search then you may need to update your search cache for SuiteFiles web.

This can be done by selecting the Search tab in your User Settings and clicking the "reset search" button.

If the "Time for a coffee" window gets a full progress bar and doesn't close on it's own then you can simply close this yourself by clicking the close button.

NOTE: If the 'Time for a coffee' window doesn't close on its own then you can close this yourself as long as the bar has fully loaded. The window doesn't always close on its own when it's finished.

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