Create a Security Group

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Create a security group

The first thing that needs to happen when locking folders so only select users can access them is to create a security group. Here's how to do that:

Please note: Only SuiteFiles administrators can do this

  • Click on the Groups icon in SuiteFiles,
  • Enter the name of the security group and click the Create new group link,
  • Click on the name of the new group under All Groups,
  • Start entering the names of the users who need to be added to the group. The names will autocomplete and you click on them to add them. If the name doesn't autocomplete type the person's full Office 365 user name (usually their email address) and press ENTER on your keyboard,

The group has now been created and populated.

Important things to note:

  1. A security group may have one or more users assigned to it, and
  2. The groups Excel Services Viewers, Members, Owners and Visitors are system groups – DO NOT DELETE THESE – access to SuiteFiles will be compromised.

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