Set up security and permissions

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Apply permissions to a folder

Folders can be locked so that only specific people can access the content of that folder. The first step is to create a security group containing the users who need access to the site (see related article below). With that done you then need to:

  • Navigate to the folder that you want to restrict access and apply the permissions to,

  • Click the Edit link for the folder,

  • Uncheck the Inherits Permissions check box,

  • Click on the name of the group that you want to have accessing the folder. This will remove the default access settings and change them so that members of the selected group are the only users who have access to the folder. You can choose between Read and / or Edit access to the folder. And you can also provide access to other groups as required by checking the appropriate boxes,

  • Click anywhere on the SuiteFiles screen, this will close the form.

From now on only the members assigned to the group selected will see the folder and its contents.

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