Checking the Chrome extension is logged in

If you have installed the Chrome extension but are not seeing any of the client creation, renaming and archiving prompts in XPM or seeing the message No Client With This Name In SuiteFiles in place of the link to the client folder in SuiteFiles you may need to check that you are logged into the Chrome extension. 

Please note: If you can't see the SuiteFiles logo in the top right of your browser and it's not listed as an extension in Chrome, you likely don't have the extension installed and will need to do so with the help of these instructions - How to install the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension.
  1. Click on the SuiteFiles logo in the top right of the browser
  2. If you see a login window like above, you're currently not logged in and will need to do so by filling in the Site URL, Office 365 email address and Office 365 password
  3. Click Login
  4. If you see the Logged In! window as below, you're already logged in to the Chrome extension
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