Using favourite folders and files

It quite common for users of SuiteFiles to have certain files that they work on regularly or folders that they wish to access a lot. These can very easily be tagged as favourites through starring them.

Favourite Files

You ‘star’ your favourite files by simply clicking on the “Star” icon to the right of the file name. Starring a file is particular to each user and starred files turn up at the top of your search results plus they synchronise to the SuiteFiles Mobile iOS app.

If you’re working on a project where you need to continually access the same files star them so they can be easily found. You can un-star the file once the project is complete and you don’t need to access them so often.

Favourite Folders

Just as with your favourite files you can make folders as favourites. This is really useful when you have a set of files all in one folder that you need to access quickly.

Again, starred folders are particular to each user and the folder may be un-starred when it’s no longer a favourite.

To star a folder simply click the Star icon at the top right of the screen. 

Accessing Favourite Folders and Files

Once a folder or file has been starred it can be quickly accessed by clicking on the Star icon in the primary navigation pane. You then have the option of choosing to view your starred files or folders.

Clicking on a starred files name will open that file for you. Clicking on the name of a starred folder will open that folder for you.

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