Sign up for a SuiteFiles account

Note: In order to turn your SuiteFiles trial into a paid site, you will need to have a paid Office 365 account set up. SuiteFiles will be deployed on to Office 365, plus you will need your account details to sign into your site. Contact us if you need any help setting this up.

In order to transition your SuiteFiles trial into a full paid site, you will need to set up your payment and subscription information in our management portal. This is done by having an administrator of your account do the following:

  1. Login to SuiteFiles and click on the app launcher. Select 'Manage SuiteFiles.'
  2. Login using your SuiteFiles URL and Office 365 username and password.
  3. Register a valid credit card - this process takes you into the eWay system. Once your details have been entered, a $0 transaction is processed to validate your credit card and you MUST click the Return to Merchant button to complete it properly.

Completeing the process will bring you back to the management portal. A number of options will now be available to you, including setting your subscription plan. For the trial your subscription was automatically set to The Full Suite. Please check if this is the subscription plan you wish to retain. If not, set it to the subscription plan you want. Here is a full list of our subscription plans.

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