Linking between files

It's not uncommon to set up processes or checklist documents in your file system that link to other documents. Here's how to add or restore these links in SuiteFiles.

Why do my links not work in SuiteFiles?

When moving your file system to SuiteFiles,  all links made between documents will break. This is because your files are no longer on a hard drive file system (or whatever your business used previously). They're now in a completely different location in Office 365. All of your links will therefore need to be updated in SuiteFiles, but there's a quick trick to help you do this.

How to restore or add links to other documents

In order to link to another file, you'll need to know its location or URL. To get this you need to:

  • Open the file you want to link to,
  • Copy the URL from the browser,
  • Adjust the URL slightly by removing the AppPages/documents/aspx#/ portion of the URL,
  • Add it as a hyperlink to the document you want to link from.

For example, if you wanted to create a link in a document to the file 'AA Test Files.docx'...

Open the file and copy the URL from the browser:

The URL will look like this - Documents1/Clients/99 Corporation/AA Test Files.docx

As stated above, a small adjustment to the URL text is now required - you will need to remove the AppPages/documents.aspx# portion of the URL. The URL will then look like this - Documents1/Clients/99 Corporation/AA Test Files.docx. You can insert this into your files that you need to link from.

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