Setting up a folder for scanning

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Setting up folders for scanning

To scan documents into SuiteFiles directly you need a scanner that can send scanned documents to an email address.

Next, you need to set up a folder (or folders) in SuiteFiles with an email address associated to it. This is done by:

  • Creating or navigating to the folder you want to scan to,
  • Clicking on the Edit link,
  • Clicking on the Email button 
  • Take this email address and enter (or programme) it into your scanner and send the scanned document this this address.

The scanned document will then be saved into this folder for you.

Some other things to know

  • The document name will be the name given to it by the scanning device,
  • The email address cannot be customised, and
  • Any email sent to this address from any device will load any attachments into the folder.

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