Scanning files into SuiteFiles

Documents scanned into a SuiteFiles associated email address will be saved to the folder that the email address is associated with. Generally, it'd be to big a job to set every folder up with an email address then manage, let alone remember, all of them.

The video

Filing scanned documents

The recommended approach is to set up only a few folders, maybe even only one, and scan the files to this location then use the Uploads view to file them.

This view shows all files that have been loaded into SuiteFiles using the send to email feature. From here you can rename and move the scanned file to the correct location. This is done by:

  • Using the folder bread crumb to move the file to its new location,
  • Overwriting the given name of the file to something appropriate, and
  • Clicking the File it link.

Clicking the File it link will action the file rename and move for you. The file will also "fade" or "grey out" indicating that the actions required for this file have been taken. The file will then not be shown the next time you refresh this view.

Some other things to know

  • The image of the file is designed to be low resolution and a very quick preview of it,
  • Clicking on the actual image of the will open a larger preview of it,
  • Clicking on the Plus icon to the right of the file name provides options to either download the file to your local computer or to delete it 

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