1. SuiteFiles Backups

Backing up your site

With your SuiteBackups account created you now need to add a site (or sites) that you wish to backup. This is done by:

  1. Logging in at www.suitebackups.com,
  2. Clicking the Sites menu item, 
  3. Click the BACKUP NEW SITE button, 
  4. Complete the Add a new site form entering the URL for your site, giving the site a name, selecting the appropriate time zone and click the ENTER SITE CREDENTIALS button, 
  5. Enter the Office 365 user name and password for an administrator of your site and click the ADD NEW SITE button. It's important to use an administrator's credentials so all files in the system can be accessed and backed up properly, 
  6. All of the document libraries are then discovered and the first backup scheduled. You'll see details about the backup in the dashboard.