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How do I align the signature fields on a document?

When you're preparing a document for signing that includes multiple signing fields, you can align them to either a left or top position in a few quick steps.

This feature is no longer available but we'll continue to look into ways we can introduce this again for Document Signing.

doc signing align

  1. Place your cursor on the screen and select each field you would like to align OR while holding the left mouse button, drag your cursor across the page to capture the fields you would like to align. Captured fields will have an orange outline. 
  2. Once multiple fields have been selected, the Vertical align and Horizontal buttons will be visible at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the Vertical align button to left align the selected fields as illustrated below. While still selected, you can move the fields to a different position by holding the left mouse button, and dragging the fields to their desired position.
  4. Click the Horizontal button to top align the selected fields.