Changing your subscription type

To check your current SuiteFiles subscription type or to upgrade to a different type:

Please note: Only SuiteFiles administrators have the ability to change your subscription type.
  1. Log in to the SuiteFiles Management Portal ( using your SuiteFiles URL and Office 365 username and password. If you're using two factor auth or a single sign on solution, use the Advanced Login option.
  2. Click on the Change Subscription Type tab
  3. Your current subscription will be selected
  4. To upgrade to a higher subscription type, select one of the subscription types and click Submit
  5. If you're on an older SuiteFiles subscription, you won't see any plans selected and will see a message saying you're on a deprecated subscription plan:
  6. To upgrade to a current SuiteFiles subscription type, select one of the subscription types and click Submit
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