Introducing Bulk Folder Generation

Bulk folder generation allows you to create folders in multiple client folders at once. You can even use folder templates you have saved to bulk create a subfolder structure


Please note: The Bulk Folder Generation feature in SuiteFiles is available for SuiteFiles Admins on our Super Suite plan only. If you are on the Semi-Suite plan, or are on Super Suite and have more complex requirements, you can get bulk folders created by completing our Client folder generation form here

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How to bulk generate folders

  • Click on your name and go to Admin Settings

  • Click Generation and Rules and click the Bulk folder generation button
  • The Clients bulk folder generation window will pop up. Details below
  1. The name of the folder that will generate in the selected client folders
  2. Optional Select folder template drop down
  3. Filter clients by name. You can include multiple clients in the filter and paste in a comma-separated list if required
  4. Click the boxes to select the clients relevant to the folder generation. Click the box next to Name to select all
  5. Click Generate and type CONFIRM in the dialogue box to start your folder generation

Note: The folder generation will take time to run and will run in the background while you continue to use SuiteFiles.

Folder generation screen

On this screen you can see details of previous folder generations

  1. Folder Generation Name - the name of the folder that was generated
  2. Client Folders selected - how many clients the folder was generated in
  3. Folders Created - how many folders were created per client
  4. Created Date - the date which the folder generation completed
  5. Date Run - the date the folder generation was started
  6. Status - will show "Processing" for in-progress folder generation and "Success" once complete
  7. Download Audit Logs - download a .CSV file which contains the folder path of each folder generated and when it was created.


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