"SuiteFiles cannot connect to your Office 365 account" error

If you see this connection error in SuiteFiles, you'll need to contact the SuiteFiles support team for further assistance

The error message

"SuiteFiles cannot connect to  your Office 365 account. This can result in functional and performance issues. To enter credentials to reconnect to Office 365, click here."

The error will appear for SuiteFiles Administrators only, as a red banner along the top of the SuiteFile Web App. Users may be reporting performance issues when using SuiteFiles, or some features might not be working. 

How to resolve this error

We've recently changed the way that SuiteFiles authenticates with Microsoft. This means the information provided in the Web App under the Admin Settings > Advanced tab no longer applies. 

Rather than following the steps provided in-app, can you please contact the SuiteFiles support team in the first instance at support@suitefiles.com or here and they will be able to assist with next steps. 

You do NOT need to create a Client ID and Client Secret anymore. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at support@suitefiles.com or here.