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Email Threads (BETA)

This guide outlines how you can use our Email Threads BETA feature along with some commonly asked questions

Please note: Our Email Threads feature allows you to combine multiple emails into one thread and is currently in BETA. If you would like to provide feedback on this feature, please contact our support team at support@suitefiles.com

This guide will go through:

What is Email Threads?

This feature will allow you to combine multiple emails into one thread on the SuiteFiles Web App. This view is currently based on the subject line of the email sent and the recipient of the email.  

Please Note: Once turning on this BETA feature there are some functionalities you will need to be aware of. We have listed these below:

  • The red icon next to the file indicates how many emails are combined in the thread. 
  • All files on your site will no longer be in alphabetical order. It will be re-ordered to Z-A. 
  • The name of the .msg file will represent the subject of the email. 
  • Your file options for Emails (i.e. .msg files) will disappear, but these dots will still appear for other file types on the Web App.
  • Filters such as Name, Last Modified by, Date Modified, and Size will no longer work for the entire site on the Web App. 

How do I turn this on?

  1. Within the SuiteFiles Web App, click on your username in the top right of the browser
  2. Select User settings
  3. In the User Settings window, select the File Preferences tab and turn the toggle "Show Email threads (BETA)" on as shown below

I have feedback:

If you do have any issues with this feature, we do recommend turning this off and waiting for when Email Threads is out of BETA. However, if you any questions or feedback on our Email Threads feature, please contact our team at support@suitefiles.com.