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Installing the SuiteFiles Chrome extension

The SuiteFiles Chrome extension provides additional functionality between Xero and SuiteFiles as well as making the online version of Office more reliable. 

This guide will step you through: 


To install the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension:

  1. Go to the download center by clicking on your username in the top right of SuiteFiles web
  2. Click Download our apps:
  3. Click Download under Chrome Extension
  4. You will be taken to the Chrome Web Store
  5. Click Add to Chrome:

  6. Click Add extension:
  7. Click on the extension's icon in the top right of the browser, then select the pin next to SuiteFiles
  8. Click the SuiteFiles icon in the top right of the browser   
  9. Click Login
  10. This will open up a Login screen in a new tab 'SuiteFiles Authentication'. Enter your Site URL for SuiteFiles (please note: your SuiteFiles URL will likely include sites/suitefiles. You will also need to ensure that no additional spaces or slashes are at the end of this URL). 

    If you are not sure what your SuiteFiles URL is, this can be copied from the Web App:

  11. You will be asked to select or log into your Microsoft 365 account
  12. A prompt will appear to confirm that you would like to log into the Chrome Extension. Select Yes
  13. You will now be logged into the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension:

Chrome Extension Settings

You can toggle certain features of the Chrome extension on and off.

  1. Right-click the SuiteFiles icon in the top right of the browser
  2. Select Options

  3. Toggle the features off or on to disable or enable them:
  4. You might want to refresh your browser to ensure the changes take effect immediately.