Using SuiteFiles Drive

The SuiteFiles Drive allow you to access your files from the Windows File Explorer.

General overview

With SuiteFiles Drive, you can use all the normal File Explorer functions which include:

  • Create files & folders
  • Open files
  • Copy files & folders
  • Move / drag files & folders
  • Delete files & folders
  • Rename files & folders
  • Save files from any application to SuiteFiles Drive


    To access the SuiteFiles Drive search function you can either

    • Press CTRL + SHIFT + S at the same time on your keyboard, or
    • Open the hidden icons on the task bar, right-click on the SuiteDrive icon and select Search

    To search for a file in SuiteFiles Drive

    1. Type your search term in the field provided; the results will start to display in a list below
    2. To open a file from the search results, click the file once
    3. To close the search window, clear any search term you've entered, and press Esc on your keyboard