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How do I manage signees?

There are a range of ways to manage signees after you have sent a document to be signed

Managing Signees when the document is not completed

Once you have sent a document out to sign and it is in the In progress stage, you still have the ability to manage the signees, expiry date, reminders and CC recipients.

  1. Click Manage Signees



  • Signees: Signees and their email address are listed, and are in sequential order if this option has been selected. You can also view any 2-Factor-Authentication in the 3rd column of the Signees section.
  • To see which signees have signed the document, look at whether there is a blue tick on the far right of their name. If the signee has not signed, they will have a 3/4 red circle with blue dashes in a circle around it. You can also hover your mouse over the circles and it will show whether they have signed or not. 
  • Expiry Date: You can view the document expiry date and can edit it by selecting a new date from the calendar drop-down. See more here.

  • Reminders: Signing reminders are set to remind the signee after 1, 3 and 7 days. You can edit the number of reminders here. You can also select multiple reminder dates.

  • CC Recipients: You can add people to be CC'd into the final email once everyone has signed the document. 
  • Completed Document: You can decide whether the completed document is sent as a secure link to all signing parties, or whether it is attached as a copy to the final email.