How do I refresh my Clients in SuiteFiles?

This troubleshooting video steps you through the process of how to refresh your clients stored in Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax, so that you can populate file and email templates.


You can refresh you clients list by following the steps below:

  1. In the SuiteFiles Web App, select File from template
  2. Select any template
  3. If creating from within a client folder in SuiteFiles, you client will be automatically  attached; hover over the red dot to reveal the Delete button, and click it to delete the client association.  NB: If creating your File template from the Home level in SuiteFiles, you might instead see a green Refresh button. Click that, and skip ahead to step 8.
  4. Next, type 'Refresh' into the Choose a client... field
  5. Click the orange Refresh... button
  6. The process will work in the background, and the Refresh... button will disappear once the process has been completed
  7. Remove the Refresh text from step 4
  8. Type in your client name and select from the drop down
  9. You'll now be able to move forward with creating your file templates.
This process will also refresh your clients list for Email templates in Outlook.