1. Document Signing

How do I sign a document myself and save it back to SuiteFiles? (Sign and save)

Use the Sign and save option to add your own signature, initials, text fields, date signed and tick to a document that you need to sign.

You will need to be on the Pro or Super Suite subscription to access Document Signing

If you'd also like others to sign the file, use Multi Sign.

Using Sign and save

  1. From your PDF file, click Document Signing
  2. Select Sign and save
  3. Select a field from the list of options presented on the left. You can select from My Signature, Initials, Full name, Date Signed, Text Field, and Checkbox.
  4. Click a location on the document to position and resize the field, as illustrated below:


  5. Click Save in the top right corner of the file to complete the process.

  6. The PDF will be processed and saved back to the original folder, appended with ‘_signed.pdf