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Can I custom brand my document signing emails?

Custom branding is available as part of SuiteFiles Document Signing. It enables you to select a custom header, button colour and logo to appear on your document signing emails and the document signing web interface.

By default, only Administrators of your SuiteFiles site can customise your brand. To enable this permission for Standard users, an Administrator will need to enable the Manage Document Signing Custom Branding permission by following the steps here: Managing individual user permissions.

To customise your branding colours and logo, follow the steps below. 

  1. Under More, select Document Signing:
  2. Click on the Admin View link at the top. Select your primary colour by either entering the HEX code into the field provided, or clicking the current colour button as shown below. We recommend selecting a darker colour as your primary colour if possible.
  3. Select a colour from the palette or enter the RGB values in the fields provided, or enter the HEX number above, then click OK.

  4. Repeat these steps for the Secondary colour, which will be used for buttons and as an accent colour in the signing web interface that your recipient sees. We recommend selecting a darker colour in order for this to appear correctly on your emails. 
  5. Select Choose File to upload your logo. The logo file must be a .png, and we recommend it has a transparent background for best results. If no file is chosen, the standard SuiteFiles logo will apply.
  6. Click Save Custom Branding at the bottom of the page. 
  7. On the right of the Custom branding screen, you can toggle the live preview of both the document signing web interface and emails that your recipients will see: