1. Using SuiteFiles
  2. File and Folder Basics

Creating links to other files or to URL's

SuiteLink allows you to link any URL inside your client folders. Whether that's linking to another client folder or a website, SuiteLink has you covered.

Creating a Suite Link allows you to provide a name with a link behind it - either to another URL or can be used to link to another file in your SuiteFiles site. This link will then be listed as a file and when clicked will open the link.

Please Note: SuiteLink will not allow users to access restricted content. You will need to change their permissions by following these steps.

To Create a link:

  • From within the folder you wish to create the link in, Click the create button at the right-hand side and select "Suite Link":
  • You will be prompted to enter the name for the link - this is simply what will be displayed as the link / file name, enter the name for the link then click the Create Suite Link button
  • After you've provided the name you will be prompted to enter the URL to link to, you can enter a URL to another site here or you can enter the URL of a file open in the SuiteFiles web app e.g. https://[COMPANYNAME].sharepoint.com/AppPages/documents.aspx#/Shared Documents1/Clients/99 Corporation/99 Corporation July Report.pdf.
  • Then Click the "Create Link" button
  • Now when you click on the link in the folder you created this in, it will open the URL you inserted: