What happens when my SuiteFiles site is decommissioned?

We decommission your SuiteFiles site if you decide to cancel your account. This means that your SuiteFiles site will revert to a SharePoint Online site and will lose access to the following:

  • Your audit history on documents that have been signed using SuiteFiles document signing
  • Xero integration, file, email & folder templates 
  • Secure file sharing with SMS verification
  • SuiteBackups
  • SuiteFiles Outlook add-in

Once your SuiteFiles site has been decommissioned, we'll notify you via email. At this point, you can also remove SuiteFiles' delegated admin access to your Office 365 account as we will no longer require it. 

You'll still be able to access your files on SharePoint Online through Office 365, or by entering your site URL into your browser. If you're not sure what your site URL is, please check with your Administrator.