FAQs for SuiteFiles users

This article covers some frequently asked questions about SuiteFiles Connect for SuiteFiles users


Who can create Connected Folders? 

Anyone from the business. 

Can I custom brand my emails? 

You can custom brand SuiteFiles Connect and Document signing emails. For steps, click here

You cannot change or customise where this notification email comes from but we may introduce the ability to do this sometime in the future. 

How can I collaborate with my clients?

You can share folders and files with your clients through SuiteFiles Connect. However, this function doesn't allow multiple people to collaborate on a document in real-time.  

Can I bulk create Connected Portals? 

At this stage, it isn't possible to bulk create connected portals, but we may introduce this sometime in the future.

Why can't my client access a connected folder? 

Please check that you haven't deleted or moved the folder in SuiteFiles. You may also want to check that the portal hasn't expired. If they are seeing error messages, please contact our support team with a screenshot.

We also recommend adding yourself to the SuiteFiles Connected Folder so you always have access to what your clients can see.

Why did my client not receive an invitation? 

If your connect user has not received an invitation, you will need to:

  • Check you have sent the invite to the correct email address
  • Ask the connect user to check their spam/junk folder

If neither of these options work, please contact our support team with the emails of the client folder that was shared and the email address of the user. 

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded to Connect?

SuiteFiles Connect users can upload a combined total of 500 MB at a time. 

Could a Connect user upload a malicious file to my site?

As SuiteFiles is built on top of SharePoint Online, we get to take advantage of their in-built protection. To read more about virus protection for SharePoint Online, click here.