How to use Quick Search

Quick search can be the fastest way to find clients in the SuiteFiles Web App. Enter a search term in the search bar and results are immediately displayed in the drop-down.

Please note: While it is fast, it will only display client folders and the top 10 results so it's recommended for when you know the file or folder name that you're searching for. SuiteFiles will recognise a folder as being a client so long as their folder is filed in the Home > Clients folder location.

Quick search step-by-step:

Click in the search field at the top middle of the Web App and type a keyword or keywords and the results will appear below (you don't need to hit enter):

  • The results are displayed in an order of: Clients folders, and then the top 10 files/folders
  • This search will look for the keyword/s in the file name, folder path, or the contents of documents (Word, Excel, emails and PDF's)
  • Click on any of the results to open the folder or file
  • If you aren't able to find the results you're looking for, try using an Advanced Search.

When the 'Show archived' toggle is on, Quick Search results will display Archived results. When the toggle is off, archived items will be omitted from search results.