Notifications Centre and Side Panel

We have released an enhancement to notifications in the SuiteFiles Web App including a new Notifications Centre and side panel to help you to stay up to date with your task activity.

Please note that this feature covers Task Notifications only.

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Notifications Side Panel

  1. When you are assigned a task, or someone interacts by approving, rejecting or commenting on a task that you have set, you will be notified with a pink dot next to the Notifications tab on the top right hand corner. It will indicate the number of new notifications you have.
  2. Click on the "x new notifications" button and this will open the side panel.
    You can also access this panel by clicking on the bell icon on right hand side panel at any time. 

    A blue dot next to the notification means that the notification is unread.

    Please note: You will not be able to see the bell icon in the right hand side panel if you are in the Tasks tab.

    Only the most recent 25 notification will pop up in the notifications tab. Every notification can be viewed in the Notifications Centre.

  3. Click on a notification to view additional details for that task such as task type and the due date.
  4. Opening the notification will mark it as read. You can click Mark as un-read to return the task to an un-read status. 
  5. Click Go to task to be redirected to the Tasks panel.
  6. For further information on how to create tasks click here


Notifications Centre

  1. When you are in the notification side panel, click Notifications Centre. This will list all notifications and provide additional detail about your task. 
  2. In the Notifications Centre you can view the notification type, name, who the task was last updated by and at what time.
  3. You can also toggle between Internal and External notifications:
    Internal notifications are sent to you by your colleagues using SuiteFiles.
    External notifications are from Connect activities e.g. Share to Connect File activity, and File Request activity.  
  4. Search for a notification in the Search notifications bar.
  5. Toggle Last updated by and Last Activity date & time to change between most and least recent notifications.

  6. Un-read notifications will sit at the top of the list by default. You can click Show Read to see only read notifications in your view. You can also Mark all as read.

  7. Click on the task you are interested in and a sidebar will pop open with the details of the task.  You can now see whether there is a due date for the task, messages relating to the task, and who has marked the task as approved or rejected. 

    Please note that opening the task will make the notification 'read' but you can mark as un-read if you like.

  8. Click Go to Task to be taken to the tasks tab where you can interact with the task. See how to use tasks here