How do I set up my file preferences?

Any user can update their User Profile Settings to configure how they'd like to work in SuiteFiles.

Please note: if you are seeing a different interface when accessing your user profile settings, you will need to update your site by following these steps.

  1. Within SuiteFiles Web App, click on your username in the top right of the browser
  2. Select User settings
  3. In the User Settings window, select the File preferences tab, toggle the No/Yes options to select whether you'd like to:
    • Show times and dates - if Yes is selected the Date Last Modified column will display the time as well as data a file was last modified.
    • Show Email threads - if Yes is selected, any emails within the same folder will be combined into one row (Learn More). 
    • Always open Microsoft 365 files directly in the desktop app - if Yes is selected then clicking on files in the SuiteFiles web app will open them directly in the Desktop version of the Office apps.