SuiteFiles Advanced Training for Standard Users

This training session covers our Advanced User training where we’ll go through the functionality of scanning, sharing, file templates and email templates.

Before getting started:

  • Please watch our SuiteFiles Basics Training session first before moving onto SuieFiles Advanced Training. 
  • This training video is suited for all SuiteFiles users to watch once they master the basics. If possible, we recommend getting the team together to watch this training video (60 min).
  • To get the most out of this training session, watch this webinar on a different screen and ask your team members to follow along each step of the way. Feel free to also pause, rewind, and take snack breaks in between 🍿

SuiteFiles Advanced Training for Standard Users 

This training session will cover the following topics: 

More On-Demand Training:

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📌 Basics Training (60 min) 🔐 Administrator Training (45 min)
Logging into SuiteFiles Security groups
File and folders Basics Managing Permissions
Downloading our apps Managing billing & invoices
🚀 XPM Training (30 min) 📝 Document Signing (60 min)
Installing the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension Editing & Annotating PDF's
Creating & renaming clients Preparing and sending documents for signing
Replacement Characters Managing document signing
📅 SuiteFiles Connect (60 min) 💻 Other Webinars
Creating Connected Folders Outlook add-in Training
Requesting and Reviewing Files Chrome Extension Training
Managing Connected Folders Other Integrations

Questions or Feedback? 

While these resources do answer a lot of questions, you may have a particular question to get started. If that's the case, please reach out to us at