Why are my file changes not getting saved?

If you are updating files on the SuiteFiles Web App and your colleagues aren't able to see these changes, you may need to clear your office cache

Clearing your Cache Folder:

Please Note: if you are using a combination of the SuiteFiles Web App and SuiteDrive, you may also need to clear your drive cache

  1. Open Office Upload Center by doing a Windows search (click on the Start icon and type in 'Office Upload Center'):

  2. On the Upload Center screen, click Settings and then click 'Delete cached files'

  3. On the same settings page, set 'Days to keep files in the Office Document Cache' to 1

  4. Tick the 'Delete files from the Office Document Cache when they are closed' checkbox.

  5. Press OK and close the Upload Center to save the changes

You may need to clear your Chrome cache and cookies. Please note, this will sign you out of most sites that you're logged into so you can try the Office cache clear as a first step.

I'm still having issues?

If you are still experiencing inconsistencies with your file version, please contact our support team with an example of a file that hasn't saved.