How do I request a file from my client?

Use SuiteFiles Connect to request files from your client and have them filed back into your chosen folder in SuiteFiles automatically.

Suite Tip: File requests can be created within any folder in SuiteFiles; you don’t necessarily have to request files from within a connected folder.

To request a file from your clients

    1. Navigate to the folder you would like the file to be submitted into
    2. Click the blue Create button in the top right corner of the folder
    3. Select File request…

    4. Enter your client’s email address (ensure you press Enter on your keyboard), or if you have integrated with e.g. Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax, you can select a name/email address from the drop-down list.
    5. You can choose to add a note and expiry date to the task 
           connect_file request message-1 
      • Please note: when adding a note to the file request, you can only use a maximum of 256 characters (including spaces). If you exceed this limit, you will see the error message: "Validation failed for one or more entities"
    6. Click Configure and send request
    7. Your client will receive an email notification alerting them to your file request. They can then log into SuiteFiles Connect and complete the file request process. If this is the first time you’ve interacted with your client via Connect, they will also be asked to set up their SuiteFiles Connect account. 

    To review and track your tasks, please read: Where will my client's file requests be submitted?