Is there an upload limit in SuiteFiles?

If you get an error when uploading files into SuiteFiles, this may be because of the file size or file type. Follow along in this article that'll go through the steps to upload your files.

This guide will go through:

File Size Upload Limits 

The SuiteFiles Web App, SuiteDrive and Connect all have an upload size limit of 100 MB

If you have a larger file that you need to upload onto SuiteFiles, you can use the SuiteFiles Outlook Add-In. Like the Web App, you can find the folder you wish to save the file in and drag/drop it from your file explorer. 

It is quite possible, but rare, that a file is too large to upload through the SuiteFiles Outlook Add-in. If this happens, please contact our support team at

File Path Limits

The entire path, including the folders and file name, must contain fewer than 218 characters for the SuiteFiles Web App. This is because of limitations set by Sharepoint Online.
However, as SuiteDrive doesn’t use the direct site URL, you can successfully open these files from here if you do not want to rename them. 

Supported File Types 

File types that are compatible with the SuiteFiles Web App and SuiteDrive can be seen below. Please note, this is referring to files that you can access or edit: 

File Type Web App SuiteDrive
.csv read-only
.pdf read-only

Converting File Types

Please Note: You can only do this for Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files

If you need to change your file type to a compatible version, you will have to: 

  1. Find the file in the Web App and click 'Open in Office'
  2. Select 'File' and then 'Save a Copy'
  3. Select the new file type from the dropdown menu
    Save a copy
  4. Rename the file if you wish 
  5. Click 'Save'

The file will now be located in the same folder as the original document.