1. Using SuiteFiles
  2. Search and Navigation

How to filter folders

If you have a folder that contains a number of sub-folders, you can filter the list and narrow down what you see. 

Filtering folders step-by-step

  1. Navigate to the folder you'd like to filter
  2. In the Filter for folders text box, type either a letter, letters or a word which matches the beginning of the sub-folders' name
  3. Press Enter on your keyboard
  4. For example, if you're searching for the client "The Cupcake Bakery Limited", type the into the filter field then press Enter:
  5. You will now only see the sub-folders that begin with the letter/s you've typed in the text field:
  6. Click on any of the results to be taken to that sub-folder.

Folder filtering tips

  • Filtering folders can also be useful for filtering down to sub-folders which begin with a particular letter, for example performing a filter for the letter Z so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the sub-folders list
  • To clear the filter either click on the parent folder name in the folder breadcrumb, click the x next to the word you're filtering with, or press Esc on your keyboard
  • Folder Filtering doesn't work like a search, as it only returns results that start with your filtering term. If you can't find the folder you're looking for, try a Quick Search or Advanced Search