How to filter folders

If you have a folder that contains a number of sub-folders, you can filter the list and narrow down what you see. 

Filtering folders step-by-step

  1. Navigate to the folder you'd like to filter
  2. In the Filter by name text box, type either a letter, letters or a word:

  3. Press Enter on your keyboard
  4. For example, if you're searching for the client "The Cupcake Bakery Limited", you can type any keyword such as the into the filter field then press Enter:
  5. You will now only see the sub-folders that contain the letter/s you've typed in the text field:
  6. Click on any of the results to be taken to that sub-folder.

Folder filtering tips

  • Filtering folders can also be useful for filtering down to sub-folders which begin with a particular letter, for example performing a filter for the letter Z so you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the sub-folders list
  • To clear the filter either click on the parent folder name in the folder breadcrumb, click the x next to the word you're filtering with, or press Esc on your keyboard
  • If you can't find the folder you're looking for, try a Quick Search or Advanced Search