How do I login to SuiteFiles?

New to SuiteFiles? Find out how to login to SuiteFiles for the first time

Before getting started: Your Administrator needs to have Activated your account in order for you to gain access to the SuiteFiles apps.

So long as you have a browser like Chrome installed on your computer, you're ready to go. Simply log in to your SuiteFiles site URL using your Office 365 username and Office 365 password. If you're not sure what your SuiteFiles site URL is, please check with your Administrator.

Help, I can't log into the SuiteFiles Web App:

If you see a blue spinning wheel when trying to log into the SuiteFiles Web App, you will either need to: 

  1. Check a SuiteFiles Administrator has activated your account or
  2. Ensure you are not blocking third-party cookies on Google Chrome
    1. To see if third-party cookies are blocked, you can check if the icon below appears on your screen
    2. If you can see this icon, click the icon > Site not working? > Allow Cookies:
Once you follow the steps above, your site should load immediately. However, if you have any questions, you can reach out to our team at or here.