SuiteBackups Overview

This article will outline how SuiteBackups works and steps to recover your files and folders if they are missing

This guide will step you through: 

What is SuiteBackups?

The SuiteBackups system is designed to backup all of your files in your SuiteFiles site. The system looks at your files on a daily basis and if changes have been made it will take a snapshot of the full folder structure and all of the files that have changed.

The backup taken is kept for the entire period of time that you keep your SuiteFiles account open until the day that you close the account. We can go back to any backup time and restore or download a single file or a folder depending on your needs.

SuiteBackups backs up a SharePoint Online site collection. It finds all of the document libraries in the site collection and any subwebs of the site collection. All of the files in each document library are backed up. We only backup files, nothing else.

Why Use SuiteBackups?

Microsoft provides a lot of protection for your files in SharePoint Online. They have:

  • Geographical redundancy - copies of your data in multiple data centres in case one fails
  • Recycle bins that keep deleted items for a period of time that can be restored if need be
  • Version control on files - every time a file is updated a version is created that can be reverted to if required
  • Full site collection backups - these are kept for a 15-day rolling period but when you need to restore you must restore the entire site, you can't restore a single element. A site collection restores also requires a service request with Microsoft to make happen.

This covers you for a number of things and the vast majority of scenarios. However, it doesn't cover you if:

  • You accidentally move a folder or file then can't find it again (this does happen)
  • Deleted files are not recovered before being purged from the recycle bin
  • Files that we need to recover are outside the 15-day window for a site collection backup

Where Are My Files Backed Up?

SuiteBackups is a cloud-based backup. All of the files are currently stored in Microsoft's Azure data centres in the Asia region. These are separate data centre infrastructures to the Office 365 data centres where your live data is being stored. Some customers have legal restrictions around the location of any of their electronic data. Please ensure that you are not violating any of these with your data being hosted in Asia (in particular Singapore).

How do I set up my SuiteBackups Account?

If you are on our Semi or Super Suite subscriptions, then your SuiteBackups site is already set up and backing up your site.

How can I recover a file or folder?

In a scenario where you have lost or deleted a file/folder on your site, we suggest following these steps to see if it was moved, deleted, or archived on your site. 

You can also recover a previous version of the document through the SuiteFiles Web App.

If these options do not work, please contact our support team with the details below: 
  1. The name and folder path of the missing file/folder.
  2. When the file/folder was last seen.
  3. How your team access and edit files (i.e. do you use the Web App, SuiteDrive, or a combination of both).
  4. Confirm that you have checked your recycle bin, archived content, and completed an advanced search. 
Once you let us know these details, our team can log into SuiteBackups for you to find the missing folder/file. 

Questions or feedback? Contact us at and let us know!