1. Document Signing

How do I send a document for signing to contacts not stored in an integrated CRM? (Advanced Sign)

Use Advanced Sign if you and others need to sign a document, and you'd like to enter their contact details manually.

Please note: 

  • You will need to be on the Pro or Super Suite subscription to access Document Signing.
  • If you'd like to sign the file yourself, use Sign and save or if you have the contact details of the signers stored in Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax, use Quick Sign.

Adding Signers

  1. From your PDF file, click Document Signing
  2. Select Advanced Sign
  3. Choose a contact by typing in their Full name, Email address into the fields provided.  
  4. If you would like to use SMS verification, which sends a text message with a unique code to your signers for them to enter during the signing process, enter the signer's Mobile Phone Number into the field provided.  The format must include the country code in the following formats e.g. +614xxxxxxxx or +6421xxxxxxx. 
  5. To add additional signers, click Add Signer
  6. To add a cc Recipient, enter their email address into the field provided. This cc Recipient will not need to sign the document but will receive a copy of the signed file once all signatures have been added to it. 
  7. To add additional cc Recipients, click Add cc Recipient
  8. Click Next
  9. On the next screen, select a signer from from the drop down provided on the left. This will default to "Me" which will allow you to place your own Signature, Initials, Text field, Tick or Note into the document. 
    NB: The Note will be visible to all signers but will not be included in the final signed document
  10. Select a signer from the drop down provided on the left. You can request the signer's Signature, Initials, Full Name, Date Signed, and Text. 
  11. To position a field on the document, select a field name e.g. Signature, then click a location on the document. 
  12. The signer's email address will be displayed on each zone and each signer's fields will be a different colour, so you can easily identify and moved into the correct position on the document 
  13. You can move a field by dragging and dropping to a new location on the document, or align multiple fields at the same time by following the steps under Aligning fields.
  14. Once all fields have been placed, click Save & Send in the top right corner of the screen.
  15. On the Add a Message screen, you can customise the message that will be sent to your signers:
  16. The default Expiration date of documents is currently set to 7 days. NB: This will be customisable in a future release.
  17. If you have entered your Signer's Mobile Phone Numbers in step 4 above, SMS verification can be enabled. Toggle this option to Yes if you would like to use this feature. 
  18. Click Save. Your signature request will be submitted and an email sent to all signers.