Setting up the WorkflowMax integration

Integration between SuiteFiles and WorkflowMax (WFM) is two-way. That is, WFM pulls file data back from SuiteFiles to display in their interface. SuiteFiles also pulls client information from WFM and uses this to pre-populate document and email templates.

  1. You’ll need to be a SuiteFiles Administrator, who is also a WFM Administrator in order to complete the steps below.
  2. If you need to make your WFM Administrator a SuiteFiles Administrator so that they can complete this reconnection process, please have one of your existing SuiteFiles Administrators follow the steps here.
  3. Only one person needs to complete this for your SuiteFiles site. Once connected, the changes will be reflected for all users.


First, in WFM, authorise yourself to have permission to connect 3rd party systems.

  1. Go to Business > Settings
    XPM business settings
  2. Click Staff
    XPM staff
  3. Click your name
  4. Scroll to the API Access Privileges section
  5. Under Authorise 3rd Party Full Access, select Full
    XPM third party
  6. Click Save
  7. Go back to Business > Settings
  8. Under the Connections section, select Document Management
    XPM doc mgmt-1
  9. Under 'SuiteFiles', select Enable to connect your integration with SuiteFiles
  10. You will be redirected to
  11. Click Connect for WorkFlow Max
  12. Follow the on-screen prompts to sign into your WFM account, and allow the connection by selecting Allow access
    XPM allow access
  13. You’ll be redirected to the Document Management screen in WFM where the SuiteFiles option will now show Disable.  This means you've successfully reconnected your integration. 
  14. Everyone in your team must now refresh their SuiteFiles site by clicking the refresh button in their browser, or by pressing CTRL + F5 on their keyboard. This will update all Clients and Contacts lists in SuiteFiles.
  15. Congrats! You and your team are now ready to use the WFM integration! Client records with a corresponding client folder in SuiteFiles named the same way will display the files stored in SuiteFiles through the documents tab in WFM.